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Let’s be honest, this project is primarily personal ! Many reasons led us to start such a journey : first, our desire to travel and to see the world; the feeling that it is time for us to choose a lifestyle that really fits us, and that can be found in this kind of travel. We are also attracted by many countries and cultures we would like to be immersed in.

We can try to summarize this project to the following (non-exhaustive) list of wishes, challenges and desires we would like to share :

  • Succeed in the challenge of travelling 50,000 kilometers by bicycle within four years of travel
  • Meet new people, discover new cultures, adapt ourselves to new traditions, live unforgettable moments, learn new languages
  • Be amazed by what the planet and its inhabitants have to offer through the most stunning natural and cultural sites
  • Be a witness of the past for the future generations by visiting UNESCO sites that are endangered
  • Climb some of the highest mountain peaks, cross some of the greatest deserts, follow some of the longest rivers
  • Plan, prepare, improvise, adapt and enjoy a complex trip
  • Share our adventures
  • Live the experience of a lifetime ! And take our time, keyword of this travel




We would rather say a bike tour around the world, to see what and how is the world around us. We want to visit these places we are dreaming of since we were kids, but it is also a way to meet new people, see new faces, have a new opinion on the world.

We plan to start from April, 2014 from France. We would be on the roads of the years during four years, to follow the seasons and take the time to watch around, keyword of this trip. Accross Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America, we would cross around by bicycle 40 countries during this journey.

You can get more details about our itinerary and see what awaits us.




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We are Gökben and Nicolas, an international and multi-cultural couple. She is Turkish; he is French.

We both desire to live something extraordinary in a way which fits with our lifestyle. Why now? Because it is the dream of a lifetime, and it should be done when the motivation is at its maximum and the constraints that go against this idea are minimal. To sum up, there is no reason to hesitate!

You can also read the following page to learn more about us.


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Because we believe this is the best way to enjoy this trip, which means for us to be the key players and decision makers about the route to take, at our own pace : draw our way at the rhythm of our desires, admiring the countries and its sceneries, visiting places, spending time with people we appreciate, bearing the season changes, as well as overcoming the difficulties we may  face with. It is also a means of transportation that allows us to be slow enough to enjoy the trip while traveling quickly and easily.

It is also an economic, eco-friendly and universal means of transporttaion. We will single-handedly travel and in full autonomy. We will travel around the world with the minimum required equipment (plus some accessories for comfort, why not?), which give us a total freedom to be closer to local people with a way of travel that can also be used as a means of communication.

Finally, the bikes we use are somewhat different from those you usually see or use: in fact, we use recumbent bikes to perform this adventure ! Click this link if you want to know more about recumbents !


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