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The easiest way to help us is to talk about this project around you ! The way we design our lives and our travels is based on communication and dialogue. Travel by bicycle confronts us every day and with pleasure to local people from the countries we travel through. The purpose of this website is also to share these pieces of lives, these photos and videos with you, readers.

Our network, although modest, is just waiting to grow to continue to convey the values ​​of sharing and solidarity. Discuss the project Frogs On Wheels to your surroundings, your family and friends to make this community a strong network and to arise other vocations.



You would like to help us achieving this project ? Luckily, we also need it ! Despite all our efforts, money remains the sinews of war and it also contributes to the success of this adventure. Of course, we reduced our travel expenses by several means (wild camping, free accomodation through Warmshowers, BeWelcome or Couchsurfing, volunteering through the Wwoofing and HelpX associations) and it also allows us to live a lifestyle we are in harmony with. Yet, giving us a little help will be more than welcome and can help us to overcome some difficulties related with equipment, health, administrative procedures or of natural causes (breakages, sickness, visa issues, …).

This is also a way for you to be part of this adventure being involved in any way whatsoever. Of course, it can be a donation, but it can also be an equipment gift or anything else helping us to move forward, to keep our mood up or to give some hope when necessary (free accomodation, offered meal, …). It is up to you to help us the way you wish !








You would like to receive a personalized gift that will make you travel from home ? Choose receiving postcards directly to your home ! You can either receive one postcard from the country we are presently riding through or choose to receive five postcards from the countries you want.

Here are two options to get your postcards : you can receive a postcard from the present country for only 6€ or a set of 5 postcards for only 30€.

Share with us the prints you will let behind you

İsa Bostan

Think of us wherever you are, that will be as pleasant for us as receiving a postcard …

A. Rüştü Hatipoğlu

I wanted to help you a bit so your dreams come true. I wish you lots of success !

İlgi Aybike Bavbek



If you represent a company or a manufacturer supplying equipment that we could use, then this option is for you ! By sponsoring our adventure, we can test your equipment in varied real conditions, over a period of 4 years, travelling 50,000 kilometers cycling and in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees, from 0 to 5000 meters of altitude.

These tests will give you a strong return of experience on your equipment and good advertising, since we commit to issue you a report, use your products and display your logo and your company’s website link on our website and on our bikes, so your name will appear on most of our photos.

If you are interested in bringing together your company and our project, you can contact us through the contact form a the bottom of this page or you can have a look at the page « our sponsors » to know more about the ones already supporting us.



You have a question related to our project ? We’re planning to ride close to your area and you would like to help us ? You’d just like to leave us a message in order to support us in our adventure ? Don’t hesitate ! We will read your message with pleasure and we will reply and share our experience with you.


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