Few words about the ones supporting our project

Some companies have shown a certain interest in our project and have decided to be part of this adventure supporting us as official sponsors or a simple and helpful partner. We would like to thank each of them letting few words about him on this page.


Our official partners

Taking into account the limited number of recumbent bike manufacturers in Europe and all over the world, we chose the Czech brand Azub after having tried some of their bikes with one of their dealers in France. Azub also supports our project offering us a special discount on the bikes and accessories.

Velofasto is the exclusive Azub recumbent bike dealer in the western part of France and more particularly in Brittany. Thanks to Philippe and his advices, we tried our very first recumbent bikes and decided to order two bikes for our around the world trip. In partnership with Azub, Velofasto also offers us a special discount on our purchases.

Kutup Ayısı is one of the biggest outdoor sports store in Turkey, in terms of reputation and products offered (clothings, camping gear, electronics). Kutup Ayısı supports a team of more than 30 travelers and mountaineers called “Kutup Ayısı Rüya Takımı”. We are glad to be part of this dynamic and adventurous team on behalf of Kutup Ayısı.

Another big name within the pannier manufacturers’ community for touring cyclists. The German brand Mainstream MSX has been manufacturing reliable and waterproof panniers for many years and their products have been rewarded many times.

ERV, the travel insurance division of the ERGO Insurance Group, is represented in over 20 countries as one of Europe’s leading providers. The ERV’s Turkish branch is offering to both of us a travel insurance for our ride through Europe and Asia.

Globalstar is the world’s largest provider of mobile satellite voice and data services. Globalstar offers these services to commercial customers and recreational consumers in more than 120 countries around the world. Globalstar Avrasya is an independent satellite telecommunication operator managing the ground station located in Turkey as a part of the 26 ground stations existing around the world and serves to the 37 countries in Europe, eastern part of the Euro Med Region and Middle East. Globalstar Avrasya offers us a satellite phone as well as a satellite communication device Spot Connect.


Ils nous ont aidés ponctuellement

Bisiklet Gezgini is the first and only touring bike shop in Istanbul, Turkey. Its owners also carry out bike tours to test some products and offer the best to their customers, either local commuters or long tourers. They are very knowledgeable and will always find a solution to any problems you may have to face with. Bisiklet Gezgini should be a mandatory stopover to either meet Seçil and Alexios or get ready before heading farther east !

Ortlieb is a German company who manufactures bags and panniers for cyclists but also for any kind of outdoor activity. Its products are well-known for their waterproofness as well as for their famous tightly sealed closure systems. Offering over 500 individual products, Ortlieb ships worldwide to distribution partners in more than 30 countries. We would like to thank Ortlieb for having helped us when two of our panniers had been torn after a serious fall while being in Turkey.

SON (Schmidts Original Nabendynamo) est une entreprise allemande produisant des moyeux dynamo et des éclairages à LED parmi les plus performants et les plus appréciés parmi la majorité des cyclotouristes. Leurs équipements sont fiables, requierent peu de maintenance et ont une durée de vie étendue, améliorant le confort et la sécurité de notre voyage à vélo. SON nous a offert un moyeu dynamo de remplacement lorsque celui de Nicolas s’est trouvé être défectueux lors de notre traversée de la Chine.

Hilleberg, a Swedish tent-making company, manufactures tents of various sizes and designs and focuses on specialist lightweight and robust tents. Using one of their tents during our journey and hearing about our project, Hilleberg offered us a tarp as a lightweight, simple and remarkably adaptable weather protection shelter so that we can feel fully « outdoors ».

Linker is an digital advertising company based in Istanbul, Turkey. They offered us an advertising campaign on social networks to help us talk about our project and our followers have since tripled up within two months. A dynamic team which works efficiently !


They shared their time with us during our journey

Thanks to its branch in Ankara, « Zirve Dağcılık ve Doğa Sporları Kulübü Ankara Şubesi » mountaineering and nature sports club supported us by organizing a bike ride at Eymir Gölü lake in Ankara, Turkey and then raising donations for our project on March, 14th 2015.

Gümdat (Gazi Üniversitesi Mühendislik Fakültesi Dağcılık Topluluğu) is the mountaineering association of Gazi University in Ankara, Gökben is a member of for more than ten years. Defending the same values as we do through our project, Gümdat also proves than friendship is as important in order to succeed in this adventure. Many thanks to the association and its members for their unwavering support.

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